Embarrassing: Trump Tried To Use A Government Debit Card To Buy Some McDonald's Cheeseburgers But The Account Was $21 Trillion In The Red
Health · Mar 28, 2018 · BabylonBee.com

Oh man, this must have been an awkward situation for the president.

Rumor has it Mr. Trump had a hankering for a few cheeseburgers yesterday, so he had his security detail take him on down to a local McDonald's. After he placed his order and went to pay, sources say his nervous cashier had to inform him that his card had been declined.

"Declined? That's impossible," Trump replied, but the cashier ran the card several more times with the same result.

Stepping aside so other patrons could order their meals, the president then reportedly called up the 800-number on the back of his card to speak to a customer service rep, who said, "I'm sorry sir, your account has been overdrawn in the amount of $21,051,661,458,842."

Talk about embarrassing!

President Trump assured the cashier that he was "good for it," but she would not budge. Luckily, a good Samaritan who overheard the exchange offered Trump a 20-spot to take care of his meal. What a nice guy!

The president reportedly assured the man he'd repay him his $20, and the man is said to have replied, "Sure you will, Mr. President. Sure you will."

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