Elizabeth Warren's Plan To Pay For Medicare For All: Spend So Much The National Debt Clock Rolls Over To Zero
Finance · Nov 6, 2019 · BabylonBee.com

U.S. - Many were startled by the cost of Elizabeth Warren's Medicare for All plan, estimated to be a whopping $52 trillion. "Is this a joke?" was the first question at Warren's press conference where she revealed the cost, with the second question being "No, seriously, is this a joke?"

Warren has since explained, though, that that mind-boggling cost is actually a part of the plan to pay for it. "If anything, I want it to cost more," Warren told the press. "Because here is how we're going to afford it all: We're going to roll over the National Debt Clock to zero, wiping out all our debt!"

The National Debt Clock is a counter at One Bryant Park in Manhattan that records the ever-increasing national debt. Warren pointed out that it only has fourteen digits, so if they can get it to $99,999,999,999,999 and spend one dollar more, the number will reset to zero. "We're only at a little over $23 trillion," Warren explained. "So we have quite a ways to go. Hence my ridiculous Medicare for All plan."

Once the counter rolls over, it will then be important for the country to immediately stop overspending so as to not just end up back in the same situation, but Warren expressed confidence that "we can stop any time we want."

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