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Drummer Misreads Worship Leader's Signal, Launches Into 38-Minute Solo

LONGMONT, CO—When worship leader Tim “Starburst” Miller turned and gave a knowing look to drummer Steve Bernard near the end of the seventh chorus of “Our God” at Houserock Church Sunday morning, his intention was to signal for another bridge-chorus circuit.

But Bernard misread the cue and assumed the worship leader wanted him to launch into a 38-minute-long solo, according to witnesses.

“I’d been waiting for the signal to kick off a John Bonham-style tour de force my entire life,” Bernard told reporters later. “So when Starburst turned back and looked at me, I thought it was the sign I’d been waiting for, and I just went for it.”

Bernard launched into a jazz-inspired high hat pattern, slowly bringing in some tom work and building the intensity of the solo with his triple bass pedals, until the piece finally exploded in a thunder of toms and a clash of cymbals as the rest of the worship band looked on helplessly.

“It was like he was in a trance,” Miller said later. “We tried to flag him down and call out to him, but I guess he couldn’t hear us.”

When the solo reached its epic climax, finishing in a shower of cymbal crashes, Miller was reportedly caught off-guard, and simply turned to the crowd and muttered, “Yes, Lord, yes. Mmm, yes, Jesus, yes,” to play it off as the moving of the Spirit, sources confirmed.

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