Doom Eternal's Final Boss Demon Revealed To Be Kenneth Copeland
Entertainment · Feb 25, 2020 ·

RICHARDSON, TX - Id Software has finally given a good look at Doom Eternal's big boss demon to game journalists, who are almost like real journalists.

After battling through waves of demons that threaten humanity's very existence, the player will face off against the demonic mastermind behind the invasion: televangelist Kenneth Copeland.

Copeland will take on his final form, in which he only looks slightly more demonic than he actually does in real life.

"You fool!" Copeland cries in id Software's demo footage as the player blasts him with a Plasma Rifle. "No mortal can stand before the power of a demonic televangelist!"

The boss demon will chuck bags of money at the player as he cackles demonically, going on and on about his expensive jets and houses.

Finally, when Copeland looks as though he's lost, he'll escape in his luxury jet, recharge himself by feeding on a few souls, and return to challenge the player, his power having doubled since they last met. The player will be forced to attack him with weapons like shotguns, railguns, and the BFG (Big Faith Gun). But the most powerful weapon at the Doom Slayer's disposal is a Bible that he pulls out and reads, causing Copeland to scream in pain.

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