Don Lemon: 'I Apologize If Any Evil White People Were Offended By My Remarks'
Politics · Nov 1, 2018 ·

U.S. - After CNN anchor Don Lemon made controversial comments calling white men "the biggest terror threat in this country," the host somberly apologized on his program, stating he never intended to offend "all the evil white men who watch this program."

Backlash against Lemon's remarks was swift, and so he appeared the following evening to express his regret over his inflammatory rhetoric that "may have hurt all the evil white people in America."

"My remarks were insensitive to white men, the scourge of this nation, and for that I am extremely sorry," he said. "It was never my intention to cause offense to the disgusting, wretched, mouth-breathing people who make up the white American males in this country."

Lemon further acknowledged that he may have mischaracterized white people when he called them terrorists. "I said they were terrorists, and that's unacceptable. They're actually demon-possessed monsters bent on destroying all of humanity. I regret the error."

Shortly after his apology, Lemon kicked off another impassioned speech blaming white men for causing racial division in the country. "It's all the fault of the people with the wrong colored skin," he said.

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