Disney's Animatronic Biden Praised As 'Incredibly Realistic' After It Short Circuits, Has Speech Malfunction
Entertainment · Jul 21, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

ORLANDO, FL - Disney has recently unveiled their latest addition to their Hall Of Presidents attraction located in the Magic Kingdom. It now features an Audio-Animatronic replica of President Joe Biden that exhibits stunning accuracy of his likeness. 

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, all men and women created by - by - by - ," said the short-circuiting Biden robot seemingly stuck on his loop. "You know, you know, the thing!"

The audience erupted with clapping and praise as they had never had seen such realistic technology. "Wow! That's amazing how lifelike it is. I never imagined I'd live to see such wonders." exclaimed Katherine Summers. "Almost makes me wonder if that's actually the real Biden up there after all."

Met with such high praise, the creative teams behind the Biden bot decided to just go with it. "Yeah, um that's just how we programmed him, right guys?!" said chief engineer Garret Nichols secretly pouring a glass of water on the robot circuit board. "We made him painstakingly accurate, down to the minute details and mannerisms."

"Listen here folks, the greatest threat, upon this great nation gathered here today is we need to act to save the, if you think about it, by building back, we can stop the world, with the forming of a coalition. It's just not that hard folks, so c'mon let's mobilize Trunpandixsbdandeprensndal!"

The animatronic Biden continued to give his speech until he was rudely interrupted by the Trump animatronic. 


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