Disney+ Warns Subscribers Some Old Content May Feature White, Cisgendered, Heterosexual Males
Entertainment · Nov 14, 2019 · BabylonBee.com

BURBANK, CA - With the launch of Disney's new streaming service, the entertainment giant found it necessary to warn subscribers that some of their content may contain triggering material involving heterosexual cis-gendered biological white males.

In a press release, Disney Chairman of Direct to Consumer Kevin Mayer stated: "Disney has a rich and colorful history. Some of the content produced in previous decades may contain outdated ideas and/or prejudicial stereotypes not reflecting our company's current trajectory. We have flagged such material on the information of such content."

Some of the "outdated ideas and/or prejudicial stereotypes" Mayer mentioned include archetypal images of white cis-gendered males. Such images have been known to trigger small portions of the population with unusually loud voices. In times past, nobody gave a second thought to images of biological men playing football, heterosexual fathers teaching their children, or a group of boys congregating on an island fighting pirates with slingshots, but times have changed. 

Mayer's preemptive press release did little to appease a small percentage of subscribers, which is unacceptable. Subscriber Melyssa Filano was outraged. "You mean we have to pay to watch a bunch of alt-right, patriarchal white supremacists? I demand reparations! My rights have been violated!" 

Disney will have to answer to the minority masses, as Mayer's press release appears to be nothing but a Band-Aid on a severely problematic Disney+. If we are ever to move forward as a society, the progressive entertainment industry will have to lead the way. 


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