Disney To Remove Problematic Kiss From Classic Movie, Snow White Will Now Remain Dead
Entertainment · May 5, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

BURBANK CA - After mounting criticism from an avalanche of 3 people online, Disney has decided to release a new cut of the classic film Snow White. In the new version, Prince Charming will refrain from a non-consensual kiss and leave her to die instead. 

"We know our stories need to change with the times," said Disney CEO Bob Chapek. "Kissing someone without consent is NOT ok. We have changed the film in all countries except China. They are totally cool with non-consensual kissing over there." 

Sources say the new version will show Prince Charming walking up to the bed where Snow White lies cold and dead under the evil queen's spell. He will then try to get her to wake up so she can sign a consent form. After several unsuccessful attempts, he will walk away like the true feminist hero he is. The movie ends with a time-lapse of Snow White slowly wasting away until she's nothing but dust. 


We've never seen the movie and don't plan to," said the 3 people online, "but we are pleased Disney has chosen to do the right thing here."

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