Disney+ Displays Warning That 'Hamilton' May Contain Positive Depictions Of Founding Fathers
Entertainment · Jul 7, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

U.S. - Disney+ has released for streaming the crowd-pleasing musical Hamilton, a progressive, hopeful play that casts many of the Founding Fathers as people of color and lets them have rap battles about policies. It's everything liberals ever wanted.

Well, it was when it debuted way back in the unenlightened, backward year of 2015. Now, it looks dated, with archaic, problematic depictions of the founders of America as good if flawed people, founding a good if flawed country.

Disney has decided to leave the musical up in its entirety but provide a warning to users that the show contains outdated depictions of the Founding Fathers as positive role models. Users navigating to stream Hamilton will see a prominent notice cautioning them that the musical kinda makes America look like a pretty good place founded by pretty good people.

"It's tough dealing with old content on our service," said a Disney spokesperson. "Do we cut problematic scenes, dialogue, and characters, or do we just display the old movies as originally intended and warn people that the program does not reflect the enlightened ideas of the current year? In this case, we chose the latter. We think it's important for families to see and discuss old, outdated ideas, like in this progressive musical from five years ago where they thought America was still a pretty good place to live."

Eventually, though, Disney agrees that Hamilton will need to be remade, possibly with all the characters just screaming at the sky over how bad America is.


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