Disney Confirms 'Frozen 2' Will Just Be 'Let It Go' On A Loop For 4 Hours
Entertainment · Feb 13, 2019 · BabylonBee.com

BURBANK, CA - In an exciting new trailer for the long-awaited sequel to Disney's smash hit animated film Frozen, the company revealed that the new movie will simply be four hours of the song "Let It Go" from the first film.

"Parents and kids alike will love coming to the theatre and hearing 'Let It Go' repeated in a loop over 60 times," said a company spokesperson. "It will simply be a magical time for all involved."

Excitement broke out across the internet as people realized they would get to listen to "Let It Go" dozens of times in the theatre once again.

"I'm definitely seeing it day one," said a mother and self-described "Disney nut" in Connecticut. "I mean, sure, I've already heard the song 32,465 times since the first movie came out, but to see it repeated over and over in the theatres is just a dream come true for me."

Though most fans were on board with the bold move on Disney's part, the company did draw criticism for casting a live-action Will Smith as Elsa this time around.


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