Disillusioned By 'The Last Jedi,' Star Wars Fans Threaten To Only See Next Film Three Times

U.S.—Disillusioned by the last Star Wars film, fans have threatened to only see the next movie up to three times each.

Dubbed a "soft boycott" by hardcore fans, the action would seriously reduce Disney's profits from the film, as hardcore fans usually go to see Star Wars fans up to 12 times each.

"The Last Jedi was absolute garbage, and that's why I will only see Episode IX three times," one disgruntled fan in Oregon said. "Or maybe four times. Yeah. Three or four ought to really show Disney how unhappy I am."

Fans also threatened to only buy some of the merchandise that comes out in support of the film.

"I will only buy one action figure for each character in the film this time around," said Bert Wendell of California. "I hate to punish my favorite franchise like this, but honestly, Disney isn't going to learn if we don't start putting our money where our Sarlacc mouths are."

"We're really gonna stick it to them," he added as he went online to pre-order his tickets.

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