Discover God's Will For Your Life With This One Weird Trick!
Scripture · May 28, 2019 ·

Do you want to discover God's will for your life? Well, we're glad you fell for this clickbait headline because we've got this one weird trick that can do it for you.

It's the trick the Devil DOESN'T want you to know about!

Ready? Here goes:

Read your Bible.

That's it! There are a bunch of verses that specifically tell you what God's will for your life is. You don't have to stare into a Magic 8-Ball or beat yourself with a stick or study your daily Enneagram thoughts. Nope. It's all right there in God's written Word.

Wow, the devil's gonna be ticked off now!

DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately this won't necessarily make you lose weight, discover a loophole on your mortgage, or suddenly start making $150/hour.

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