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Discernment Blogger Accidentally Condemns Self As Heretic

BOSTON, MA—Noted discernment blogger and podcaster Jacob Lowe stumbled upon a blog post originally published several months ago and condemned it as “rank heresy,” without realizing he had written the post himself, sources confirmed Thursday.

The self-described polemicist spent several episodes of his daily podcast rebuking the author of the post, calling him a traitor to the faith and a compromiser of the true gospel, before an emailer pointed out that his own name was at the bottom of the post.

“I guess I didn’t read all the way to the bottom before I started blasting it,” he admitted later. “Usually I’ll at least skim an article before I condemn it as heresy and its author as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but I was running low on content, so when I saw a few questionable phrases in the first paragraph I just ran with it.”

The “questionable phrases” Lowe was referring to turned out to be a quote from the gospels, reporters later discovered.

At publishing time, the blogger and polemics podcaster had accidentally condemned Jesus as a heretic, sources confirmed.

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