Democrats Start Reverse Underground Railroad To Help Unborn Babies Escape Texas And Be Killed
Worldviews · Sep 3, 2021 ·

TEXAS - Democrats have come together to stop the evil Texas lawmakers who don't want babies to be murdered in the womb. Thinking quickly on their feet they've decided to form a Reverse Underground Railroad. 

"Unlike the real Underground Railroad that was used to liberate those without a voice and lead them to safety, our goal is the exact opposite," explained Nancy Pelosi. 

Pelosi continued, "How inhumane, and barbaric would it be to let these babies be born potentially into poverty for a time? That's why we must rescue them and help them flee to a more civilized state where they can be murdered."

Together Democrats have set up an elaborate network of secret routes and unsafe houses where women can flee oppressive safety, and comfort to terminate their children.

At publishing time, companies such as Uber, Lyft, and most airlines had already joined the Reverse Underground Railroad promising free travel to any woman wanting to escape, and kill their child for convenience.

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