Democrats Continue Proud Tradition Of Wearing White Masks To Show Political Affiliation
Politics · Apr 25, 2022 ·

ATLANTA, GA - Despite the lifting of mask mandates across the United States, Democrats have chosen to continue their proud tradition of wearing white masks to show their political affiliation.

"Mandate or not, I'm still wearing a mask to show others what side of the political aisle I am on," said liberal democrat Snoddly McGuberson while proudly donning a white mask over his face. "Just like dear old Gramps, assistant Klaliff to the Supreme Grand Wizard back in the good old days."

Thousands of Democrats have posted screeching manifestos on social media, defiantly donning white cloths over their faces to symbolize their desire for overwhelming government power to enforce a perfect society based upon cult-like zealotry, just like white-hooded Democrats of the past.

"It just feels right, you know? Masking up and attacking people of differing beliefs from behind a shroud of anonymity," said McGuberson, "My democrat grandpa would be so proud."

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