Debate Erupts Between Trusted Medical Doctor And Dr. Fauci
Politics · Jul 20, 2021 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - During an explosive Senate hearing this week, Senator and trusted medical doctor Rand Paul argued with Anthony Fauci - a dangerous conspiracy theorist who thinks vaccines don't work and that the government is not funding the creation of medical abominations in secret labs.

"You are a LIAR!" said Rand Paul, pointing gravely at Dr. Fauci. "You are a LYING LIAR who LIES!"

Fauci, who was initially taken aback by the accusation, immediately recovered and said: "NO! It is YOU who is the LIAR, you LIAR!" Fauci then bobbed his head back and forth in a very sassy way and snapped his fingers in a zig-zag pattern.

"OOOOooo! Rand Paul got OWNED!" said CNN.

"OOOOooo! Fauci got DESTROYED!" said Fox News. 

The C-SPAN segment immediately went viral, leading to more requests for the two men to face off in another confrontation. C-SPAN then announced they would be organizing a pay-per-view rematch, in which the trusted medical doctor and Dr. Fauci would call each other liars in an octagon-shaped cage. 

Unfortunately, Fauci backed out at the last minute after C-SPAN instituted a strict "no bioweapons" policy for the face-off. 

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