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David Crowder Rents Out Ad Space On Beard

NEW YORK, NY—Popular CCM frontman David Crowder has made the highly visible, lucrative space on the front of his long, flowing beard available for advertisers to showcase their logos or other messages during his concerts, sources confirmed Tuesday.

Crowder’s first sponsor, Pepto-Bismol, reportedly emblazoned its logo on the musician’s beard using expensive, high-end beard paints for the duration of Monday show, reaching thousands of potential customers during the event.

Crowder also gave his sponsor a shout-out, dedicating one of the musical interludes during hit song “Come As You Are” to “the fast-acting relief Pepto offers against nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, and diarrhea.”

The guitarist and vocalist’s representatives also confirmed future concert sponsors would include John Deere, Old Spice, and Geico.

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