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Dave Ramsey Releases Official Line Of Budget Ramen

FRANKLIN, TN—In a special segment of the Dave Ramsey Show Tuesday, the financial advice guru excitedly announced his official “Ramsey’s Ramen” brand of inexpensive noodle soup dinners and instant lunches.

The easy-to-make dinners are a bargain at just $0.10 per package, allowing families to subsist on the cheap food until they’re able to snowball out of their debt and “live like they’ve never lived before.” The noodles come in a wide variety of flavors, from “Thrifty” and “Cheapskate” to “College Fund” and “Paying Off My House Early.”

“I’ve always encouraged smart meal planning to help families stick to a budget,” Ramsey said on his show, just after lecturing a young man on his inability to stop himself from buying every single video game Nintendo puts out. “Now, you can feed your family the smartest way possible: with Ramsey’s Ramen. It’s not really all that tasty, if I’m being honest here, but it’s better to just get by on my ramen then ever use a credit card.”

“Eat like no one else now, so later on you can eat like no one else,” he added.

At publishing time, Ramsey had also confirmed a line of “beans and rice, rice and beans” canned goods, set for release just in time for not spending too much at Christmas.

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