Dad Immediately Regrets Doing Something That Made Child Laugh As He Is Now Doomed To Keep Repeating It For All Eternity
Family · Aug 22, 2021 ·

LOUISVILLE, KY - Local father Bradley Chadwick threw his child into the air at the park yesterday, enjoying the smiles and laughter he caused with the simple activity. But he quickly regretted his action as the boy giggled, "Again!" and he is now doomed to continue throwing the child into the air for all eternity. After his 47th time throwing Aiden into the air, Chadwick thought the boy would certainly tire of the amusement, but he appeared to actually be more excited than he was at first. "Do it again!" he laughed, exulting in the monotony and repetition, never getting tired of enjoying the thrill. "Man! This kid's got the eternal appetite of infancy!" Chadwick said nervously as he realized he would probably be stuck there throwing the child up until the heat death of the universe. "Are you sure you don't want to go home now, sport?" he asked, but the child insisted, only shouting happily, "Do it again!" again. At publishing time, sources had confirmed that an exhausted Chadwick is still at the park throwing little Aiden into the air.

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