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Creflo Dollar Denies Self, Chooses Bentley Over Jet For Work Commute

COLLEGE PARK, GA—In a stunning display of denying himself, taking up his cross, and following Jesus, Creflo Dollar reportedly chose to drive his Bentley coupe instead of being flown in his private jet to a business meeting approximately 180 miles away from his home, sources confirmed Monday.

With a mere $198,500 sticker price, the status, comfort, and speed of Dollar’s Bentley Continental GT Convertible is a pittance of that afforded by his private aircraft, and, according to sources, the distance he needed to travel for the afternoon business session would normally render the plane the obvious choice. However, quoting Matthew 16:24 to himself as he was finishing his morning massage and spa treatment, Dollar reportedly opted for the automobile “to share in the sufferings of his Lord.”

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