Crap, Lady At Church Talking To You About Scentsy

SANTA FE, NM—While milling about in the church foyer Sunday afternoon, you realized too late that the overly friendly lady chatting you up for fifteen minutes was just building up to talk to you about purchasing her various Scentsy products, sources confirmed.

“Crap,” you thought to yourself as she pulled out her smartphone to send you an invite to her Scentsy party scheduled for two days from now.

“I wonder if I can tell her no. Is that allowed?” you pondered as she got your phone number and promised to follow up if she didn’t hear from you in the next two hours.

According to sources close to you, you feebly muttered some kind of response about being busy that day and that maybe you would check out the hundreds of items the lady will surely try to sell to you for the rest of your relationship some other time.

At publishing time, you were trying to decide between switching churches and moving to another state just to avoid awkwardly declining the woman’s products for the rest of your life.

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