Couple With 9 Entertainment Subscriptions Just Going To Watch ‘The Office’ Again
Family · Oct 25, 2021 ·

SCRANTON, PA - According to sources, local man Marvin Martindale came home Friday afternoon to relax on the couch and watch TV with his wife. After scrolling through hundreds of exciting new shows and movies on their 9 streaming services, the couple elected to just watch The Office again. 

Eyewitnesses confirmed the couple browsed new shows that had cost tens of millions of dollars to produce and required months of post-production just to make the special effects match the award-winning acting, set design, and storytelling. Martindale even read some reviews online and checked the infallible Rotten Tomatoes website to aid him in whittling down his list of potential choices for the evening.

According to nosy neighbors, Melvinda Martindale was just as excited about an evening of entertainment as her movie-loving husband, having made caramel popcorn and homemade Italian sodas for the big night. She had even sent the kids to their cousins' house to play night games and maybe sleepover. Sources confirmed the kids were last seen in the cousins' family room, watching the cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender for the eighth time.

Sitting down with giddy excitement, the Martindales scrolled through the many, many streaming services for which they pay numerous monthly fees, discussing their entertainment options for the night. They scrolled past the shows they had begun watching in the past but never finished, and tried to decide which audiovisual feast they would choose for this long night of enjoyment.

"Eh," said Marvin turning to his wife, "let's just watch The Office." 

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