In New 'Dune' Movie, Paul Atreides To Defeat Sandworms With Extra-Strength Dose Of Ivermectin
Entertainment · Sep 7, 2021 ·

U.S. - The new adaptation of Frank Herbert's Dune comes out October 22nd, but many critics have already seen the film and are weighing in. One controversial scene stands out as a significant departure from the book: Hero Paul Atreides takes ivermectin to protect himself from worms.

"You must walk without rhythm, or the sandworms of Arrakis will attack," explains the Fremen Stilgar to Paul.

"Actually, I've heard of another way to avoid the worms," says Paul, "from a downloadable galactic broadcast by Roe Jogan." Paul then produced some ivermectin.

"That is not an approved use for that!" Stilgar warns. "This Jogan will get us all killed!"

Paul does not heed the warning and takes the ivermectin. It is a dosage meant for a horse, though, and puts him into a coma. When he survives and awakens with complete immunity from the sandworms, the native Fremen take it as a sign he is the chosen one.

"I will make Arrakis great again!" Paul announces after leading a raid on a veterinary supply store for more ivermectin.

"It's a little odd, but I think it goes with the original theme of the book," said one film critic about the scene, though he clarified to say he never really understood the theme of the book and just liked "giant sandworms."

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