In Controversial New 'Paw Patrol' Episode, Chase Gets Neutered To Become Transgender
Entertainment · Sep 22, 2023 ·

U.S. — In a controversial new episode of Paw Patrol that aired this week on Nick Jr., Chase gets neutered so he can become the world's first transgender pup.

The episode, titled "Chase Gets Neutered," follows fan-favorite pup Chase as he goes on his gender journey, from the beginning of the show where he says he is curious about what it would be like to wear pink like Skye, to the exciting conclusion where the trans dog leaves the veterinarian as a brand-new female dog called Charissa.

"Charissa is on the Case-issa!" the newly transed dog shouts as she emerges from the vet. "I know that doesn't rhyme, but it's more inclusive! Woof!"

"Hey, isn't that just Chase?" says a confused Rubble.

"Oh no! Someone just deadnamed you!" shouts Ryder. "The Paw Patrol is ready to roll!" They then arrest Rubble and throw him into the brand-new, state-of-the-art Adventure Bay Reeducation Facility.

Series showrunners say they're working on future episode ideas to continue to push gender ideology on kids, from an episode that explores the lesbian underpinnings of the relationship between Everest and Skye to an upcoming story arc where Ryder decides to become a furry.

At publishing time, audiences across America had just continued watching Bluey instead.

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