Context: Paul Wrote Philippians 4:13 After Narrowly Winning Church Softball Game
Scripture · Dec 8, 2017 ·

DALLAS, TX - You may have heard that the Apostle Paul wrote Philippians 4 to address suffering and persecution in the Christian life. But biblical scholars working at Dallas Theological Seminary have been able to confirm that the famous declaration "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" was actually scribbled down by the Apostle after he knocked in the go-ahead run at a local church softball game.

According to scholars, Paul had been temporarily let out of confinement in Rome to play with the local Roman church softball league, and penned the verse in his excitement after narrowly beating the local synagogue 4 - 3.

"Our current working theory is that Paul wrote the first portion of Chapter 4, headed out to play in the local church softball game, and returned to confinement to excitedly jot down the legendary verse 13," Dr. Darrell Bock, Senior New Testament Researcher said. "He was so elated from the come-from-behind victory that he just had to pass something on for believers engaged in difficult trials in their sports games, be it basketball, baseball, football, or even soccer."

According to Bock, this discovery isn't just important for scholars - it has practical applications for all believers even today.

"The implication of this discovery for the modern believer is immediate and practical: we know now that the proper contextual application of this verse is for use in sports games," Bock added. "Christians should feel free to print the verse on workout shirts, sweat towels, baseball caps, whatever."

At publishing time, Old Testament scholars had confirmed that the prophet Jeremiah had penned Jeremiah 29:11 just after his oldest son graduated high school.

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