Contemporary Christian Artist Comes Out As Still A Christian

U.S.—Skillet’s lead vocalist and two-time Grammy award-nominated John Cooper has finally come out of the shadows to admit that he is still a Christian despite the fact that it is the current year. 

“I just couldn’t hide this part of myself any longer,” said Cooper while fighting back tears in a hard-hitting, incisive interview with Relevant Magazine, the magazine where people like Cooper typically go first to come clean about how much they still love an inerrant Bible, the institutional church, and a Holy God who judges sin.

“I have to come clean. I just can’t live a lie anymore. I just can’t. I am not an Exvangelical. I am not deconstructing. I love the church. I can do no other. God help me.”

The scandalous disclosure that he is still a Christian who continues to have a high view of Scripture, the Church, and Jesus comes at a particularly bad time for the musician as he has recently faced backlash for refusing to play at venues mandating proof of vaccination.

It remains to be seen at publishing time if other Christian artists will be inspired by this bold announcement to likewise come out of the shadows and claim the identifier of "still Christian."

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