Conservatives Stop Saying 'Let’s Go Brandon' After Realizing It Makes Liberals Sad
Politics · Nov 5, 2021 ·

U.S. - Everyone has had a great time with the cool new phrase "Let's go, Brandon!" - a euphemism for an expletive directed at President Joe Biden - and it has popped up everywhere, from NASCAR races to t-shirts to everyday conversations. There's one problem, though: The phrase seems to upset liberals. One liberal journalist even completely freaked out after hearing a Southwest pilot allegedly use it and tried to storm the cockpit. And since conservatives hate to see liberals so upset, they've now stopped using the phrase.

"It seems to be triggering the communists," said right-wing radio host Jesse Kelly, "really psychologically distressing them. They seem to be going completely bonkers on hearing that phrase. It makes me want to stop using it immediately."

FOX News host Tucker Carlson explained that the phrase is causing a complete meltdown of liberals. "Using that phrase could cause every liberal to curl into a ball and cry," Carlson warned all of his viewers.

Conservatives are now searching for a phrase to poke light fun at Biden that liberals can laugh along with so everyone can have fun together. So far, they've tried "Poopy Pants Biden," but liberals don't seem to like that either.

"With these phrases upsetting leftists, I'm never going to fill my mug," said conservative pundit and doctor's husband Ben Shapiro as he held up his tumbler labeled "Leftist Tears." He clarified that he only fills it with tears of happiness.

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