Church Sound Man Accidentally Sets Coffee On “Randomize PowerPoint” Button Again
Church · Jul 2, 2019 ·

CLAREMONT, CA - The powerpoint slides got all jumbled up again this Sunday after Base Point Church sound man Kevin Brubaker absent-mindedly set his cup of coffee on the "randomize powerpoint" button. The mishap occurred in the middle of the worship portion of the service during the song "This Is Amazing Grace." In the middle of the verse, the slide jumped to the bridge, then to an image promoting a VBS waterslide event with free hotdogs. 

"Ah, good gravy," Brubaker said, realizing what had happened. He quickly removed his coffee from the button and went to work putting the slides back in order. "Why do we even have that?!"

Church members say the button manages to be pressed every Sunday, one way or another, at some point during the service. "Hank set his Bible on the button last week during 'Good Good Father.' Suddenly we were in the middle of the missionary photo gallery from last Sunday," assistant pastor Ken Abrams told reporters. 

The church is not sure who installed the button but has no plans to have the button removed. "I just don't want to mess anything up," Brubaker said. "You unhook one thing over here and suddenly nothing works."

"I like to think of it as a pop quiz," said worship leader Jason Merz. "If you don't have all the words of every popular new worship song memorized, you probably need to do some soul searching." Merz says he'd prefer there be no powerpoint. Then he could just sing the songs and everyone else could just enjoy themselves.

Brubaker began to give us more details but abruptly ended the interview when he realized he was again resting his elbow on the button. "Dag nabbit!"


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