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Church Secretary Adds One More Spinning GIF To Make Website 'Really Pop'

MCALESTER, OK—As part of a recent update to Bible Belt Community Church’s online presence, church secretary Beth Hartford decided to add “just one more” spinning GIF image to its website, reports indicated Tuesday.

The website’s design was reportedly last updated in the fall of 1998.

Her brow furrowed in concentration, Hartford sat back and asked herself what the website was missing before finally settling on a heavily pixelated GIF file of a perpetually rotating angel blowing a trumpet.

“This will complement the MIDI file of ‘Just As I Am’ that autoplays when people visit the site nicely,” she reportedly said to herself as she published the site and checked to make sure Internet Explorer 5.0 would navigate it without any issues. “Whoa, it really looks like the angel is right in front of me, spinning away! Neat!”

Hartford then decided to revise the background of the website to include an attractive, modern star-field JPEG file, tiled over and over again at 450×350 resolution, and finally got around to uploading the .WAV files of the pastor’s sermon series that concluded in the summer of ’96.

At publishing time, Hartford had considered adding more of the angel GIFs to the church’s website, but had gone to make herself a coffee while the church’s 56k modem dialed its ISP.

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