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Church Disappointed To Discover Man Speaking In Tongues Actually Just Exchange Student

SOMERSET, KY—The Church of the Prophetic Word was sorely disappointed to discover an individual believed to be speaking in tongues was actually just a Hungarian exchange student, sources confirmed Wednesday. Andor Caparthy, 18, originally of Budapest, Hungary, was reading the Word of God to himself in his own language at an afternoon service when he unwittingly sparked cries of “Hallelujah!” and “Fire! More fire!” from the congregation.

Worship Leader Jenn Allen, who originally had led the raucous cheering as Caparthy meditated on the Scriptures in his native tongue, was the first to discover the disappointing blunder. “It’s just that kid that’s staying with the Anderson family,” he announced into the microphone. “He’s just reading the Bible, not speaking in tongues. Put the shofars away, everybody. False alarm.”

It was not the first time this month the church has been disappointed by what was originally seen as a move of God. A few weeks ago, a prophetic “word of knowledge” for the congregation was discovered to be a man on his phone in the lobby. Just prior to that, an apparent “glory cloud” turned out to be a serious issue with the HVAC system.

Asked to comment on the unfortunate mix-up, a concerned-looking Caparthy replied in broken English, “Please tell me, there is fire?”

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