Chick-Fil-A Fires Yet Another Employee For Publicly Voicing Support For LGBT Movement

HUNTSVILLE, AL—Bigoted, homophobic restaurant chain Chick-fil-A is at it again: the Christian-owned fast-food joint just fired yet another employee for publicly voicing his approval of the LGBT movement.

Brad Russell, a cashier at a Huntsville location, tweeted his support for Pride month and was fired several hours later. This is the 427th instance of Chick-fil-A terminating an employee for disagreeing with the private beliefs of the company’s owners in the past year alone.

“Russell needs to take a big dose of ‘shut the #$%^ up’ and hide out for awhile,” Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy had said in an interview with Buzzfeed after Russell’s post went viral, with thousands of outraged Christians demanding his firing. “We do so much good work with such pure hearts — to have some LGBT zealot in his off-time do something this stupid, we’re all upset. The whole company is upset. This changes his standing with us. What that looks like, I don’t know. It’s so unfortunate.”

“We tolerate all viewpoints, until those viewpoints contradict our own,” he added. “It wouldn’t reflect our Christian values if we were to simply treat our LGBT employees and their allies the same way as everyone else.”

Russell was quickly fired after Cathy’s public statement, with Chick-fil-A stating it simply can’t have a working relationship with someone who disagrees with the private positions of company leadership, even when he’s not on the clock.

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