Chicago Mayor Hires Gangs To Spell Out 'Trump Is Bad' With Bullet Holes

CHICAGO, IL—Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot just owned Trump with a powerful, epic clapback as the two politicians fire insults back and forth. She commissioned several local gangs to spell out the message, "TRUMP IS BAD" in bullet holes.

"This powerful message of love and harmony shows that Chicago is united against Trump's brand of hate and violence," Lightfoot said at the unveiling of the mural. "We will not tolerate any of Trump's hate in our city."

At that very moment, Lightfoot suddenly bent backward and dodged several bullets fired by rival gangs as though she were Neo in The Matrix. "As you can see, our city is one of peace and love and tolerance."

All the gang members who shot the mural into existence are now dead from gang violence, but their message will live on as a powerful reminder that Chicago will not stoop to Trump's rhetoric.

Not to be outdone, Trump has instructed the military to spell out "CHICAGO IS STUPID" with bombs dropped on Chicago.

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