Centuries-Old Theological Debate Solved By Facebook Argument
Theology · Dec 16, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

U.S. - A centuries-old theological debate was finally solved last night in a Facebook comments section, sources confirmed.

The debate over the doctrine of election has raged since the New Testament was written, but it's finally over as two Christians yelled at each other on the social network.

The Arminian accused the Calvinist of never having read John 3:16, while the Calvinist accused the Arminian of never having read Romans 9. These unique and novel arguments helped them conclude the theological debate that has raged on for centuries. 

"It's really quite incredible," said John MacArthur as he looked over the Facebook thread. "All this time, we've been poring over the scholarly resources created by Christians over the past 500 years, when these two Facebook debaters had all the answers."

"If only the great theologians of the past had thought to bring up the unique and interesting arguments that these two did, we wouldn't have had to spend so much time fighting about this."

Next week, the Christians say they will solve the argument over speaking in tongues.

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