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'Celebrities Should Stay Out Of Politics,' Says Man With Framed Portrait Of Ronald Reagan

BEAVER DAM, WY—Local man Dean Lionel wrote in a Yahoo News comment section Monday that he believes celebrities should stay out of politics, all while his favorite portrait of Ronald Reagan looked on from his wall.

"Our problem is that we're listening to celebrities instead of real politicians with experience," he wrote, though he owns 47 coffee table books covering the presidency of actor Ronald Reagan.

Lionel reserves the harshest of his rhetoric for liberal actors and musicians who insist on inserting themselves into the political sphere. He says he believes politics and entertainment should be kept separate, and that no one should listen to the opinions of "crazy actors from La La Land out there on the Left Coast."

But the man even has criticisms of Donald Trump, saying he longs for the "glory days" when Republicans supported true leaders and not just popular icons who acted in movies or had television shows.

"Oh, Ronald, how did we ever get ourselves into this mess, where we're electing celebrities to the highest office in the land?" he reportedly muttered as he settled in for an afternoon snack and his daily viewing of Bedtime for Bonzo.

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