Capitol Trick-Or-Treater Dressed As Zelensky Receives $40 Billion In Candy
U.S. · Oct 30, 2023 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A lucky young boy who went trick-or-treating at the United States Capitol building came away with $40 billion in candy after dressing up as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

"Jackpot! I knew this costume would pay off big time!" shouted young Tommy Billington after being notified of his candy haul. "All my friends thought I was stupid for dressing up like that Zelensky guy who is always on the news, but now they look like the stupid ones. I've got enough candy to last me 20 lifetimes!"

Billington had arrived early for trick-or-treating in a cardboard mask depicting the Ukrainian President's face. Believing him to be the actual Zelensky due to his short stature, Capitol Police ushered him directly into the corridors of the Capitol to meet with congressional leadership. Within an hour, Billington had been informed he would receive $40 billion worth of candy. "He knows his stuff," said one unnamed member of Congress. "He specifically asked that half of it be in Reese's peanut butter cups, with the remainder being split evenly in Snickers, Twix, KitKat, and Jolly Ranchers. This was identical to a request we had received from President Zelensky last year."

Soon afterward, Billington watched excitedly as Capitol Police officers helped load pallets laden with candy-filled duffle bags onto several large trucks outside the Capitol building. "I'm never wearing a different costume," he said. "Dressed as this Zelensky guy, I can get whatever I want!"

At publishing time, Billington was believed to be on his way to the White House, where he was expected to ask President Biden to pledge an additional $25 billion in candy over the next six months.

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