Bestselling Book 'Cancel Culture Isn't Real' Pulled From Stores After Author’s Old Tweet Surfaces
Worldviews · Jun 19, 2020 ·

U.S. - Cancel Culture Isn't Real by Aaron Waters has been a national bestseller. The book describes how "cancel culture" is a myth made up by the right to try to give cover to their bigoted behavior. But more people won't read it anytime soon, as bookstores have removed it from their shelves as an old offensive tweet by the author has surfaced.

The offensive tweet is from 2010 and reads, "Of the two sexes, women are definitely the better." This extremely bigoted tweet -- referring to only two sexes and effectively erasing anyone who doesn't conform to that binary -- caused an immediate backlash, with activists saying they would boycott any store that kept any book by Waters on its shelves. Waters issued a public video apology where he dropped to his knees and begged for mercy, expressing regret for ever having existed and saying he would even cut off his fingers to make sure he never typed anything offensive again.

Activists unanimously said the apology was not good enough. "Anyone who ever had a heart so evil can never be a part of society again," said Sonia Nelson, who led the effort to get Waters's books banned. "He and his family must be exiled and never be spoken of. It's the only way we can move on from this and feel safe."

It is now impossible to find the book Cancel Culture Isn't Real anywhere, and Waters is gone, banished to the harsh, cold area in the far north known as Toronto, where he most likely will not survive the winter. This having been done, activists agree the country is now on the path to being more loving and tolerant.

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