Billionaire Bruce Wayne Criticized For Punching Down
Entertainment · Oct 14, 2019 ·

GOTHAM CITY - Billionaire Bruce Wayne has come under fire for the way he dresses up as a bat and beats up alleged criminals. Many refer to his activity as "punching down" since the people he attacks tend to be citizens in the lower class.

"Bruce Wayne is a white male with billions of dollars," said Gotham activist Pamela Isley. "He is one of the most privileged people in existence. And who is he attacking? People below the poverty line he says are 'muggers.' And he also often punches mentally ill clowns. The sickest thing is that he seems to think we should praise him for this."

Isley then went on to say that, if anything, Wayne should be the one who is punched for having such an unequal amount of wealth in Gotham and that the only time he ever punched up was the time he fought Superman.

Wayne made one public statement while in the guise of Batman, saying in a gravelly voice, "I don't need anyone to thank me, but all those who would prey on the good citizens of Gotham should fear me. I am vengeance. I am the night. I am... Batman! And if you pass a wealth tax, I'm moving."

The statement did little to persuade those opposed to Wayne's picking on the less privileged. "Now tell me, who is the real threat?" asked local club owner Oswald Cobblepot. "Is it someone trying to poison the city's reservoir, or is it Bruce Wayne by having way more money than everyone else? I think we all know the answer."


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