BREAKING: Husband Wins Argument -- UPDATE: Nope Never Mind
Family ยท Feb 16, 2021

CANTON, MI - In a stunning development, local man Anthony Larson actually managed to win an argument with his wife just moments ago.

The incident is being hailed as a giant leap for all of husbandkind. Larson unleashed a series of convincing, unassailable, undebunkable arguments that his wife, Amy, had no response for.

After he slammed her with argument after argument, she got quieter and quieter, strengthening Larson's resolve to finish her off with a devastating logical deathblow.

He says he finally knew he'd won when she said, "Fine. You're right. You win."

UPDATE: NOPE, NEVER MIND. New updates are coming in, and it appears that despite initial reports, Larson did not win the argument AT ALL and in fact is in HUGE TROUBLE. We apologize for the error.

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