Brainwashed Woman Doesn't Think It's OK To Kill The Unborn

BOISE, ID—Male feminist Noel Benson was talking at a coffee shop about how horrible the new Alabama abortion law is when he encountered something extremely startling: a woman who disagreed with him.

“I thought maybe she misheard,” Benson stated about the incident. “So I very slowly explained that I was talking about abortion, one of the greatest things that empower women. And I can’t believe what she told me: She didn’t like abortion.”

Benson wasn’t sure how to deal with that. He assumed the patriarchy had gotten to her. “I told her to blink three times quickly if a nearby man was making her say these things,” Benson explained. “When she didn’t do that, I could only conclude she had been brainwashed.”

Benson said the woman then tried to talk about how horrific abortion was, but Benson covered his ears so he couldn’t hear her. “I respect women,” Benson said, “so I’m not going to listen to some brainwashed idiot badmouth the thing that gives them full autonomy over their bodies.”

Benson instead found a man who was pro-life to argue with and then told that man he wasn’t allowed to have an opinion on abortion because he didn’t have a uterus.

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