Boomer Criticizes Millennials For Constantly Craving Recognition, Attention, Food, Shelter
Worldviews · Dec 17, 2018 ·

MORRISTOWN, NJ - Local 70-year-old man Paul Peters criticized millennials Monday for constantly craving endless recognition, constant attention, enough food to get by, and a roof over their heads.

Peters called this generation "spoiled" and "entitled" for always focusing on getting a pat on the back and also maybe the basic elements needed to survive.

"These millennials are always wanting trophies and also food to eat and a place to live," he was heard complaining to a friend at a diner Monday morning. "The entitlement of this generation isn't right, I tell you what." He shook his head. "They think just because they work hard and study they should receive compensation for their efforts."

The man also said he didn't understand why millennials didn't go save up their nickels and quarters and just buy a house after a year or two of working hard at the local steel mill. He shrugged. "I bought my house for a few thousand dollars back in '65 - why can't these young punks scrape together $800,000 or so and get themselves a nice little bungalow?"


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