Bill Of Rights Was Hidden Away For Safekeeping During Lockdown And Now No One Can Find It
U.S. · May 7, 2020 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - When the lockdowns started and stay-at-home orders were issued, the Bill of Rights was taken out of the National Archives and put somewhere for safekeeping since it wasn't really needed at the time and no one wanted it to get damaged. Now that states are starting to open things up again, no one can seem to find it.

"It's probably under a couch or something," said President Trump. "We'll find it eventually."

The Bill of Rights, by listing certain rights, placed limits on how the government could order people around and arbitrarily tell them what to do. Everyone agreed it was in the way during a pandemic, but the hope was to eventually pull out the Bill of Rights when things got better. Now that it has been lost, many are unsure what to do, though some think we can make do without it.

"I think most of us remember what was in it," said Senator Bernie Sanders. "There was stuff about health care and not letting anyone have way more money than you."

If you think you've seen the Bill of Rights, there is a number you can call -- though at the other end of the number is just a recorded message reminding you to stay at home.

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