Biden To Avoid Public Appearances Until They’re Done Canceling All The Sexual Harassers And Racists
Politics · Mar 4, 2021 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Inside sources say that President Joe Biden is going to avoid all public appearances for a while. This is due to the current climate of increased scrutiny on sexual harassment -- such as with Governor Andrew Cuomo -- and past racism -- as is happening with Dr. Suess books.

"With everyone trying to find people to cancel who have been inappropriate with women or have been racist," said a White House staffer who wished to remain anonymous so people wouldn't know he is associated with a sexual harasser and a racist, "it seems like a good time for Biden to lie low and let people forget about him, just like when he was vice president."

This new policy was reflected at the latest White House press conference, where White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced at the beginning that she would not take any questions about the president. "Let's talk about something else today," she said. "Anyone seen any good TV shows?"

Biden is reportedly just hanging out quietly in the White House, eating ice cream and napping and hoping President Trump makes some noise so maybe people will talk about him. He will start making public appearances again as soon as it's once more OK to harass women and make casually racist remarks -- or at least OK for a Democrat.


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