Biden Says We May Need To Reinvade Afghanistan As They Have Weapons Of Mass Destruction Which We Gave Them
World · Aug 24, 2021 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In a stirring address to the nation, Biden sadly announced that we may soon have to invade Afghanistan once again after intelligence reports revealed they may have weapons of mass destruction, which we gave to them last week. 

"Listen, folks, I know it seems like just last week since we were in Afghanistan," he said, "but it looks like we may have to go back. As it turns out, there are terrorists who now have weapons of mass destruction since we gave them weapons of mass destruction just the other day. Too bad! We have no other choice!" 

The administration then announced they will be mobilizing 85,000 troops to reinvade the country and seize the weapons of mass destruction before the terrorists have a chance to use them. Then they will stay behind for 2 or 20 years to make sure nothing bad happens before abruptly leaving in the middle of the night since that worked so well last time. 

"This time, we'll make sure to grab all our stuff before we leave!" Biden assured the public. 

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