Benny Hinn Masterfully Knocks Down Audience Members Arranged In Notoriously Difficult 7–10 Split
Celebs · Jun 2, 2017 ·

IRVINE, CA - After knocking down eight of the ten audience members standing onstage at a recent healing service, prosperity preacher Benny Hinn managed to take down the last two standing attendees with one wave of his suit jacket, masterfully executing the notoriously difficult 7 - 10 split conversion, sources confirmed Monday.

Hinn's first shot of anointing was slightly off-target, and failed to take down all ten audience members gathered to be slain in the Spirit, leaving Hinn with just two remaining for his second shot.

The audience held their breath as Hinn stood pensively, studying the arrangement and planning the highly technical blast of Spirit power he would need to unleash to take them both down with one hit.

Finally, Hinn raised his hands and, after a running start, swung his coat in order to fire off a powerful ball of anointing energy at the gentleman standing to the right. The shot flew straight and true, blasting the man right in his ankles and sending him toppling to the floor.

But the genius of the shot only become apparent after the angle of the man's fall sent him rolling toward the other audience member, bowling the woman over and leaving no remaining attendees standing.

Wild cheers erupted from the shocked crowd.

"I didn't think he could pull it off," one Hinn fan said later. "I've seen him knock down several people at once before, but a technical shot like this - it's one for the record books. I can't believe I got to see such a master of the craft in person."


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