Benny Hinn Holds Healing Service In Full Hazmat Suit
Celebs · Mar 23, 2020 ·

IRVINE, CA - While other churches with less faith are canceling services amid the coronavirus pandemic, Benny Hinn has announced he will continue boldly healing people at packed services, though he will be wearing a full hazmat suit during the faith healing events.

Hinn says he will continue knocking people over to heal their illnesses from the safety of his medical-grade hazmat suit.

"I will continue healing those with enough money--er, I mean, faith--to be healed," Hinn said at the beginning of a healing service in Orange County. "Name and claim your victory! Today is your day! You are healed of coronavirus if you wish to be healed -- just don't get within six feet of me or I will knock you to the floor. And not in the healing kind of way."

Partway through the service, the faith healer's suit ripped open as he walked by his Plexiglas pulpit, causing it to depressurize and exposing the prosperity gospel preacher to potential contamination. Hinn screamed and ran away from the room. "Every man for himself!" he cried as he burst out the doors and leaped into his waiting limousine. "Run away!"


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