'I'm Not Incredibly Impressed With The Chinese Government,' Says Vile Racist
World · Mar 23, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

GHERWIG, MO - Local father and husband James Hollister shocked the nation when he brazenly made the racist claim that he wasn't "a big fan of the Chinese government at the moment." The venom-filled hatemonger went on to say that he felt China had been a little sloppy with their handling of the coronavirus and that he felt the lax restrictions on "wet markets" had led to yet another outbreak. "I think the Chinese people are great and many of the citizens have done a lot to help salvage the mess their government made of this," the garbage human vomited in a fit of bigotry and white privilege as he was overheard speaking with a friend at a local coffee shop.

When asked by the reporter sitting at the table behind him why he would openly express such hate-laced racism, Hollister answered, "I'm just critical of the Chinese government. That's it," which is exactly what a complete racist would say. 

Hollister took his bigotry a step further when he refused to flat out call Donald Trump's response an abysmal and damaging failure. "I think it's a big mess. A lot of politics are getting mixed up in this, and I think Trump is trying to manage all that. He definitely hasn't been perfect, but I wouldn't say he's actively trying to destroy America," the fascist continued in his anti-Asian screed. 

When asked why he hates the Chinese race, Hollister said, "Is Chinese even a race? I thought it was more of a nationality. Like one big continent with a variety of races in it." 

Reporters abruptly ended the interview and are currently digging through Hollister's old tweets to see what they can use to bring him down. 


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