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Benny Hinn Carefully Applies 'Not Of This World' Sticker To Ferrari 458 Italia

DANA POINT, CA—Televangelist and prosperity preacher Benny Hinn excitedly emerged from one of his mansions Monday morning in order to put his recently acquired ‘Not of this World’ sticker onto the bumper of one of his Ferraris—namely, the 458 Italia Coupe in Rosso Scuderia—sources confirmed.

“There we go,” he reportedly said to himself after applying the decal and standing back to admire his handiwork. “I really gotta get one of these for my jet too.”

When pressed by reporters for the meaning of the sticker, Hinn was ready.

“We as Christians need to have our minds on things above, not on things below,” the preacher worth approximately $40 million said. “This sticker is a reminder for me and everyone I interact with that I’m living in this world as a sojourner. Now everyone I blow by on the freeway in my ridiculously expensive supercar will know that my real citizenship is in heaven.”

“The kingdom of God isn’t about what is seen, but what is unseen,” he added before getting in the $300,000 car and speeding away to his next crusade event.

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