Babylon Mom: Here’s A Recipe For The Best Gluten-Free Banana Bread —But First, Some Endless Backstory
Lifestyle · Oct 26, 2020 ·

Girls, I am so excited to share this amazing gluten-free banana bread recipe. I've been making this banana bread for years now and it has become a favorite staple at all my gatherings with friends and family. I just know it will become a favorite of yours, too!

I first came across this recipe shortly after I received the shocking news that I had been self-diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity. This was right around the time having a gluten sensitivity started to become very popular. Granted, I've never had any symptoms of gluten intolerance, but you can never be too careful. Or sensitive.

Girls, let me tell you, this was not an easy homeopathic supplement to swallow. I go crazy for some crazy bread, and bananas for banana bread! Facing life without my favorite carbs was almost enough to make me request an increase in my Xanax prescription.

So what was a newly-minted gluten-intolerant bread-loving mama to do?

Well, it all started during a soul-searching trip to Nepal. I had been exploring my faith, and going on a spiritual journey, which also conveniently turned into an actual journey! While I still consider myself a devout Christian, I have recently come to understand that being a Christian doesn't have to mean limiting myself to actually believing in any of the things that make Christianity distinct from any other faith. As I'm pretty sure I saw in a Facebook post one time, the Bible says "wide is the road that leads to Heaven, and many are those who find it." Something like that.

Anyway, if you're not familiar with Nepal, let me tell you: It is so gorgeous! I didn't know much about it, beyond what I'd seen from some of my favorite Instagram travel influencers, but I was not disappointed; it was the perfect place for spiritual-themed photo ops! My meditation and yoga poses looked incredible with random Buddhist mosques in the background. The little Chinese monks with their orange outfits were sooo adorable and very accommodating of my requests for selfies! And there were soo many poor children to take photos with. I could just tell that they loved me instantly and that I had touched their lives in some small, yet incredibly powerful and meaningful way. So humbling.

So, that was my trip to Nepal. It was so magical, and I highly recommend that you go there and see it for yourself. Of course, in the meantime, you can catch all the photos I posted on my Instagram page. Be sure to like and comment on your favorites!


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