Aw: Gender Studies Grad Writes ‘Thank You’ In Latte For Plumber Who Paid For Her Student Loans
Education · Feb 22, 2024 ·

AUSTIN, TX — A bridge was built between two worlds today as a grateful gender studies graduate artfully wrote "Thank You" in latte art for a plumber who paid for her student loans.

The hard-working plumber, who was stopping to grab a coffee before heading off to another 12-hour workday, barely noticed how the barista graciously thanked him for all the time he spent clearing clogged drains and sticking his arms down sewer pipes so she could no longer have to worry about paying off her own debt.

"I just want him to know how appreciative I am," said Summer Grayson (She/Her). "It was totally overwhelming to think I would have to spend so many years working and paying off the loans I racked up while obtaining my gender studies degree, especially since I can't really get any type of gainful employment that makes any use of such a degree. Once I realized how long it would take me to pay off my loans working as a barista, I felt hopeless. Thankfully, President Biden made it so this plumber guy will have to pay for my debt. Thanks, plumber guy!"

The plumber, Dave Murphy, declined to comment, citing his need to get to work so he could fit in a couple of extra jobs during the day in order to keep feeding his family while fulfilling his obligation to pay for Grayson's student loans.

At publishing time, Grayson had spun the cash register's tablet around to allow Murphy to add a tip to his purchase of the $8 latte.

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