Archaeologists Discover Giant Pope Hat Worn By Apostle Peter
Scripture · May 22, 2019 ·

ROME - A team of archaeologists has unearthed the Apostle Peter's gaudy, ornate throne room from which the first Pope ruled the churches of the first century, sources confirmed Monday.

The historic find was also accompanied by the discovery of the large, funny hat and expensive sets of robes Peter would wear while ruling on important church matters.

According to the dig team, the throne room contained a large, golden throne upon which the Apostle Peter would sit while making infallible pronouncements on church doctrine and policy. Thousands of priceless murals also line the interior walls of the large, ornate structure.

"It only makes sense that the representative of Christ on earth should look the part," one researcher onsite told reporters. "We always suspected that Peter ruled in style, just like many of the later popes - and now we know for sure."

Protestants were upset by this discovery, as they believed Peter preached in a Hawaiian shirt and sandals every Sunday.

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